Valeria Filippova

Started in 2007

About Valeria Filippova

Senior Artist Valeria Filippova

has worked for M·A·C for just over eight years. When she began, there were only two M·A·C stores in her hometown of Moscow, but her creative impulses and love of makeup pulled her towards them immediately. Since then she has risen through the ranks to become an internationally recognized artist, promoting her unique brand of subtle artistry and bold use of colour. Here she fills us in on her career so far, while sharing some tips for bringing out the best in your natural features.

From Russia with Love

“I think most people in Russia are trying to highlight their natural beauty. All in all, Russian women try to keep it fresh and use one injection of colour, usually on the lips. I really like that Russians have the courage to experiment with colour. You see women wearing Lady Danger Lipstick a lot. To get the most out of this look I’d recommend using Lip Conditioner: one product that can make a very fresh and glossy look. Put it on the lips, eyelids and cheekbones and within one minute you will look moisturized. Also if bright lips are your thing, check out Pink Nouveau or Fusion Pink Lipsticks too.”

Blue Steel

“I love complex shades and love to create new colours by mixing existing shades. I always try to create a unique makeup look for each person. I adore smoky eyes and metallic shades, like Copperplate and Carbon Eye Shadows. The pigment is intense so you can easily achieve very dense and vibrant colour. Other eye makeup favourites include Kohl pencils in Teddy and Prunella. For an all-out, glamorous look, couple this smoky eye with deep-deep red lips in VIVA GLAM I.”

Show Girl

“M∙A∙C gives you freedom to experiment, to travel and to make the most incredible friends. I love the atmosphere of working backstage on shows and I am very proud of the M·A·C AIDS Fund. I’m blessed to be working for this company and to be able to say that I am a Senior Makeup Artist. My favourite memory so far is working on my first show in Paris with Tom Pecheux. I remember using every single thing I had in my kit!”

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